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1.Digi Inventory Announces Finalized Agreement with Zoom Video Communications


2.Former Progressive Insurance CFO and Co-CEO Charles B. Chokel Joins Digi Inventory Board of Directors


3.March 17-18: Private Giant Spring / Summer Consumer Product Sale by Meyer Entertainment Productions


4.Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff Settles Wrongful Conviction Case With City of New York for Seven Million Dollars


5.PHOTO: National Home Expert Caroline Blazovsky Adds Expertise to New Book, The Happy Healthy Home


6.Behavior Analyst Certification Board Receives NCCA Accreditation of RBT Credential


7.Jan. 5-8: 3D Digitizing Solution for Cost-Effective E-Commerce at CES 2017 Debuted by Cappasity


8.PHOTO: Fiji Landowners Association Calls for Travel Boycott to Fiji


9.Dec. 8: Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff Brings Federal Lawsuit Against NBA Players Matt Barnes, DeMarcus Cousins and Others for Assault and Battery of Clients Jasmine Besiso and Myrone Powell


10.Through Dec. 17: St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church Available as Designated Toys for Tots Drop Off Location


11.Dec. 18: St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society Raffles Valuable Bracelet for Charity


12.Nov. 5: International Orthodox Christian Charities Hosted by St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church


13.Idyllic Fiji Transforms Into Nightmarish Trap for Investor Dave Rand and Fiji Land Owners Association Members


14.CMC Announces Hiring of Adam Richardson to Lead Rapidly Expanding International Markets


15.PHOTO: Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Jonathan Pevsner, Ph.D., Named Chief Scientific Officer of Sturge-Weber Foundation


16.JULY 18: Housing Crisis Not Over as Foreclosure Looms Over Senior Citizen Sandra Sergent


17.Fox Still Does Not Own a Trademark for Scrat, The Cartoon Star in Ice Age Franchise, Says Ivy Supersonic


18.GRN has Historic Month


19.June 13-22: The Art of Apollo goes to the United Kingdom: Atlantis Paintings for 'Underwater Worlds' Greenwich Gallery in London


20.PHOTO: JUNE 10, Legislators and Local Dignitaries to Be Welcomed at Opening Ceremony of 46th Annual BIG GREEK FESTIVAL