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1.Second Annual 'WBEs Who Rock' Awarded to Dnutch Associates Inc.


2.College Students Access Interest-Free Emergency Funds and Taxi Rides Via Student Lifeline and American Student Books Inc.


3.XCEO Partners with Technology Board to Recruit Highly Qualified Female Director


4.Parents of Stillborn Son Unable to Say Goodbye After Funeral Home Obtains and Fails to Preserve Body, Reports The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff


5.XCEO and Enlightened Governance Excite an International Audience With Events in South America


6.Animated Film, 'Ducky Duck,' Lands an ACCOLADE Award


7.XCEO Continues to Grow in 2015


8.Award Winning Animation Feature 'Ducky Duck' by Marc Ryan Attracts Global Music Award for Composer Team Steve Hackman and Harald Winkler


9.Lawsuit Commenced by The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff: Injured Hero Struck by Air Conditioning Unit Plummeting 30 Stories in May 31 Midtown Crane Disaster


10.How Parents Secure Child Care Transformed by New Website, TheChildCareSquare Revolutionizes


11.Artisanal Food Crafted Under the 'Cali Sip' Label Created by Seasoned 5-Star Chef Turned Entrepreneur Kirk Gilbert


12.Customs Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights 10th Edition, Co-Authored by Timothy Trainer, Published


13.Animated Film Ducky Duck by Marc Ryan, With Music by JH-Production, Receives Two Nominations from International Film Festival St. Tropez/Nice


14.May 19: Capitol Hill Gets Visit From Sturge-Weber Foundation


15.PHOTO: Cannes International Film Festival Roster to Feature The Versatile Group of Hollywood: Versatile Films and Multimedia Resources


16.PHOTO: June 5-7: BIG GREEK FESTIVAL in NJ Puts Food, Fun, Live Entertainment and Sweet Treats on the Menu, Hosted at St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church


17.XCEO Solves Board Directors and Officers' Questionnaire Needs With Hassle-Free Solution


18.Explore Mars Announces Publication of the First Annual Humans to Mars Report


19.DHS Documents Obtained by Terrorism, Border Security, and Profiling Expert Jerome Almon Reveal Much Larger TSA Scandal


20.PHOTO: Tripp Lite Opens New Hands-On Training Facility in Amsterdam, Netherlands